When Life Gives You Lemons...GO TO TOOMER'S

Thursday, January 14, 2016

   Yesterday, I had an urge for something citrusy so I decided there was no better place to satisfy my craving than Toomer’s Drugs for a glass of their world famous homemade lemonade. I asked my photographer friend, Andrew, to join me to indulge in a glass of lemonade bliss. Toomer’s, as the locals call it, has been an Auburn Tradition since 1896. It is located in downtown Auburn, Alabama on the corner of Magnolia Avenue and College Street, or better known as Toomer’s corner. Just across the way you can witness the Auburn Oaks where fans gather in celebration after an Auburn victory. If you find yourself in the area, your trip will not be complete without a stop at Toomer’s for fresh squeezed lemonade, hand dipped ice cream, and Auburn University souvenirs!

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    While lemonade may typically be a summer beverage, Toomer's lemonade is appropriate any time of the year! Even though it was a chilly January day on the plains, we threw on our Barbours and headed out for a taste of Auburn tradition. Not in the area? Here is a recipe floating around the web for Toomer's Famous Lemonade. I won't promise that it's an exact... but it's pretty darn close.

Toomer's Lemonade

Put 5 lbs. sugar in a gallon jug and fill the jug with water. Stir or shake until sugar dissolves and solution is clear. (Hot water makes the sugar dissolve more quickly.)

To make 1 gallon of lemonade, pour 1 pint of lemon juice and 2 pints of simple syrup in a gallon container.  Finish filling the container with water and ice. Stir.

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