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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

  Seriously… its more like an obsession. You will very rarely see me without a timepiece on my arm.  I feel "naked" without one on. The addiction started growing slowly at first, but then it was like an avalanche… I just can’t stop!  Lately, I’ve been seeing wooden watches all over social media. I’m beyond excited to finally get my hands on one! When Jord contacted me to collaborate with them, I was like OH HECK YES! 

  JORD (pronounced yode) is a Swedish word meaning earth, soil, or land. Some of the sustainably-harvested woods used to create the watches include olive, bamboo, maple, sandalwood, acacia, zebra wood, and teak. They are absolutely GORGEOUS, lightweight, and another biggie; The glass is scratch-proof! There are tons of designs to choose from. Each watch is hand crafted, unique, and modern. Check them out here for yourself. I have The Frankie- Zebrawood and Navy watch and adore it!

   Jord asked me to pick my favorite. Three days later, this beauty was at my door! When I received my watch, OMG… Opening it was more like an experience! The packaging was just as beautiful as the watch itself. The watch rests on a little pillow, inside of the most beautiful carved box. It was like a gift wrapped in another gift! 

  Want one? Well, here is your chance - JORD is giving away a $100 gift certificate (that expires 12.17.17) to one person to use towards a beautiful wood watch! And you literally cannot lose - everyone who enters will get a $25 e-gift card (that expires 12.17.17)  Just CLICK HERE to enter the giveaway. It runs through 9.24.17 and JORD will automatically notify the winner. Good luck!!

*When I started my blog, I made a commitment to my readers to ALWAYS give my absolute honest review of the products that I receive for review.  If I say that I love the product, its not because the item was free of charge to me… Its because I really really like it! 

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